2018 Sponsorship

New this year - customize your annual sponsorship package to include the benefits most valuable to you!

For more than 25 years, the National States Geographic Information Council (NSGIC) has boosted national geospatial policy and provided a forum for best practices exchange and collaboration. While NSGIC's core membership is made up of geographic information officers (GIOs) and state GIS coordinators, partners in federal, municipal and county government, academicians, representatives of other geospatial organizations and private industry experts are vital to NSGIC's mission of making critical connections. NSGIC members - and our partners - lead the way in the creation of intelligent maps and databases that equip public and private leaders to make more informed and timely decisions.


The NSGIC Annual Conferences and Midyear Meetings draw key decision-makers from 75% of US states and territories, eliminating the need for cross-country travel to educate customers and prospects about your offerings. Having access to many state members in one location is not only efficient; it enables sponsors to gain critical insight into multiple government organizations, including how to navigate through state-specific procurement procedures. Networking with executives in the national geospatial community can translate into making the best connections to impact government policies, build partnerships and expand your business.


As a year-round sponsor - and member - you will enjoy all the benefits associated with attending the Annual Conference and Midyear Meeting. New in 2018, sponsors can customize your sponsorship package to include the benefits most valuable to your company. Annual sponsor representatives receive business memberships to allow you to: 

  • Participate in topic-specific and full membership discussion forums
  • Join committees and workgroups to provide your company's expert opinion on various topics via conference calls, webinars, emails, online discussions and in-person meetings
  • Access the member database for member-to-member communication
  • Explore program archives and other members-only resources
  • Enjoy expanded virtual networking opportunities 


Each sponsorship level comes with a set amount of points to be spent on opportunities of your choice. View our 2018 sponsorship brochure to see sponsor opportunities within the following areas:

  • Special networking, both online and in-person
  • Conference presentations
  • Meeting spaces & events
  • Branding
  • Digital opportunities
  • Additional memberships and conference registrations




REGISTER NOW: Sponsorship Agreement Form


  • Annual sponsorship discounts:
    • First-time sponsorship: 20% discount (annual packages only)
    • Sponsorship renewal or upgrade without break: 10% discount (annual packages only)
  • Sponsors may purchase additional points at the rate of $125 per point.
  • Annual sponsorship is required for the Annual Conference and Midyear Meeting participation.
  • Annual sponsorship is required for business membership.
  • Annual sponsorship spans a period of one year or the completion of two conferences (whichever is longer).
  • Some benefits have limited availability and are confirmed on a first-come, first-served basis. In general, first right of refusal will be given to current sponsors renewing on time. 
  • All sponsor-developed content must be approved by NSGIC. In the unlikely event, NSGIC and the sponsor cannot come to an agreement, points may be reallocated.
  • Except by agreement, once points are "spent," they may not be reallocated.
  • Sponsorships may not be split between more than one company. Points may not be shared or reassigned to other sponsors.
  • Sponsors may reassign sponsorship privileges within their companies. For example, an alternate representative may participate in the Midyear Meeting if the original representative is unable to attend.
  • Conference-Only sponsorship level is limited to a one-time/one-conference use, after which a full, annual sponsorship level is required.

To learn more, email Communications Coordinator Bronwyn Walls [email protected]