Call for Content: 2020 Midyear Meeting

For nearly 30 years, NSGIC has boosted national geospatial policy and provided a forum for best practices exchange and collaboration.  We are seeking abstracts for presentations for our Midyear Meeting to be held in Albuquerque, NM from March 2 - 5, 2020. Abstracts are due on Monday, January, 13, 2020. Our audience includes state GIOs (and their equivalents), agency GIS coordinators, and other public sector GIS specialists; federal partners; and private sector collaborators.

We want to hear your perspective! While we will still offer the traditional, smolder and ignite presentations, the Conference Committee has created a new session type. We hope that you consider submitting an Insight Discussion abstract. The NSGIC membership has requested that we move away from longer hours of speaker-oriented presentations and towards more participatory, collaborative content. Insight Discussions will open with a short presentation and lead into topical, in-depth dialogue. We hope that this addition will hold space for important conversations and new opportunities.

Please note that all presenters, except by special invitation from NSGIC leadership, must register for the conference. The Conference Committee will consider all abstracts for inclusion, and decide upon acceptance based on criteria including variety of topics deemed most appropriate for the audience and time considerations.

Private sector organizations must contact Bridget Nolan to secure attendance, presentation, and other sponsor benefits.

Types of Presentations

Insight Discussion - Insight discussions run for 45 minutes. Insight Discussions may include up to 15 minutes of presentation, followed by 30 minutes of discussion and feedback. Discussion leaders choose up to 4 others to participate. Audience participation will also be strongly encouraged. Insight Discussions are an ideal format for in-depth discussion on a particular conference topic.

  • Current NSGIC sponsors at Bronze level or above may be included in Insight Discussions (no sponsor points required). Conference Committee will make the final decision on up to 3 Insight Discussions to be included in each conference.

Traditional - 30 minutes - panel optional (up to 4 panel participants) - time includes Q&A

Smolder - 15 minutes - time includes Q&A

Ignite - 10 minutes - 20 slides - no Q&A


Topics for the 2019 Annual Conference

Call for content for NSGIC conferences is now tailored to the conference’s foci. For the 2019 Annual Conference, the membership has determined those to be: 

  • State Collaboration

  • Data Acquisition and Sharing

  • 911 (NENA Standard/NG911)

  • Informational Topics (i.e. 2020 Census, Open Source Software, Advocacy…)



 Content should offer a range of perspectives, including: 

  • State Success Stories

  • Private Industry Solutions

  • Challenges and Ideas

  • Collaborations


Submit HERE 

Abstracts are due on Monday, January, 13, 2020.

Questions / Information?

Contact Bridget Nolan, Meetings and Membership Manager [email protected]

Registration & Meeting Information

All presenters must register for the conference and make their own travel arrangements. Learn more about the meeting and registration HERE.