Conference Policies & Deadlines


All attendees of the NSGIC Midyear Conference and Annual Conference shall register as an attendee; there are no exceptions including complimentary registrations.

Participation at Conferences

NSGIC leadership reserves the right to allow any entity to participate outside of the stated constraints if it deems that such participation provides a strategic advantage to NSGIC.

Keynote Speaker

NSGIC reserves the right to invite any speaker, regardless of affiliation or membership, to present at an Annual Conference or Midyear Conference. Non-sponsoring, private sector speakers shall be given opportunities to speak when it is deemed by the Conference Committee and NSGIC Board that their message provides value to NSGIC's membership and an opportunity to engage in dialog with NSGIC members about relevant issues.

Invited non-sponsor, private sector speakers shall refrain from presenting on specific business offerings of the company they represent. Invited Keynote Speakers may be offered a complimentary 1-day registration at the discretion of the Conference Committee and NSGIC Board. Non-sponsoring private sector speakers that choose to remain for the entirety of the event shall be required to pay for the full registration at the early-bird rate.

Non-Speaker, Non-Member Conference Registration

Representatives may attend one NSGIC Annual or Midyear Conference at the Member Registration Rates to determine if they are interested in joining the organization. Attendance at subsequent conferences by non-members will require registration at the non-member rates.

This policy applies only to Non-Members Representing State, Regional, Tribal, Local Government, Academia & Other Associations.

Non-Member Registration, Speaker Conference Registration

Non-members that speak at a NSGIC Conference shall register at the Member Registration Rate for a conference event. Invited speakers may receive a complimentary registration at the discretion of the President.

Non-Sponsor Corporate Attendee Registration

Non-sponsor corporate attendees may attend two consecutive conferences and then determine if they want to sponsor. After those two conferences if they choose not to sponsor, they shall pay a higher attendance rate in the second year and again a higher rate in year three.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations must be received in writing one month before the start of the conference to qualify for a full refund. A $50 administrative fee will be deducted for cancellations received in writing between that date and two weeks before the start of the conference. Fees cannot be refunded for registrations cancelled after the two week date.

Adopted June 1, 2015