GIS 101

GIS 101 is a webinar series presenting a non-technical overview of topics within GIS. This series was created as a tool for NSGIC members and others to use with the many people we deal with who could benefit from learning more about key GIS topics. These webinars are recorded and archived within the ED Circle Library and on the NSGIC website (for public use).

Past GIS 101 Webinars:

GIS 101 - Addresses with Jonathan Duran
GIS 101- Orthoimagery with Tim Johnson
GIS 101- Redistricting with Shelby Johnson
GIS 101- Transportation with James Meyer
GIS 101 - Next Generation 9-1-1 with Michael Fashoway
GIS 101 - Geo-Enabled Elections with Jamie Chesser
GIS 101 - Low Distortion Projections with Richard Wade