NSGIC strives to be the premier state-led forum for developing, exchanging and endorsing geospatial technology and policy best practices. We share solutions to offer benefits across the geospatial ecosystem.

We facilitate connections between people and organizations across multiple sectors -- and the data and systems they use -- resulting in greater returns from the efficient use of geospatial technology.

We also pursue geospatial advocacy initiatives that coordinate activities, knowledge and policies of collaborative outreach to support informed decision-making.


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NSGIC has a lot of different terms that we use, and it is important that the meaning behind the language is clear. We have included a list of commonly used terms and their definitions below.

  • Committees: Committees work on the things that are necessary for NSGIC to exist. All committees can be populated by any type of member except for the Finance and Elections committees. Only state members may be a part of those committees.
  • Communities: A broader interest group around an initiative whose purpose is to keep people informed.
  • Initiatives: These are things in the geospatial industry that NSGIC wants to influence or help accomplish. These can be worked on by one or more workgroups.
  • Work Groups: A group that is working on one or more of the NSGIC initiatives. A work group may have 1-5 co-chairs.