Board Service

Serving on the NSGIC board of directors is one of the strongest commitments that an individual can make to support the organization's mission and activities.

Elections, held each year at the annual conference, fill the positions of president-elect and three board seats. The president-elect is a three-year commitment to the progression of president-elect to president to past-president. Board of directors seats are two-year commitments.

The NSGIC bylaws require a call for nominations to be announced at least 90 days in advance of the elections, and for nominations to be closed 30 days in advance of the elections. Members in good standing will receive the official ballot forms via email.

2022 Schedule:

  • June 20 - First call for nominations
  • August 19 - Nominations close
  • September 6 - Members receive candidate bios, platform statements, and ballots
  • September 21 – Election Held (Ballot Closes) at Annual Conference

For questions or to express interest in board service, contact Elections Chair Shelby Johnson or [email protected].