Community Guidelines

MemberClicks is NSGIC's new community engagement platform. It is integrated into

Unlock Network Features

  1. Get started by logging in. (Not a NSGIC member? See below.)
  2. Choose "My Profile" from the menu below your name badge.
  3. Add a photo. This is a critical part of successfully connecting in the online community space. Your photo can be a business head shot or something informal. Still feeling shy? Add an image to represent you or your interests.
  4. Add a little bit about yourself in the "My Status" area -- a short bio, the project you're working on, or what makes you tick ...
  5. Explore!
    1. Connect with people by browsing the directory and choosing to "add as a connection"
    2. Browse "recent activities" under the "My Community" tab
    3. Check out the "circles" under the "My Features" tab

For Non-Members

NSGIC recognizes the significant contributions from non-members. With a limited access account, you will be able to participate in the work of our committees and forum discussions of interest. There is no fee to register and you can control your contract preferences for email communications.

Register for a limited access account.

Once your account has been approved, you can log in and access your account.

Ready for more? Consider an annual NSGIC membership or sponsorship

Community Areas


The blog should host all "news" or editorial pieces that would be of interest to our broadest target audience. NSGIC members are invited to submit an article for posting on the blog by email to [email protected] 

  • Include links for more information
  • Cite your sources
  • Include images sized to 300px width unless it's an infographic appropriate to run the width of the page, which should be sized at 900px


Forums provide well-defined areas for users to engage in conversation with one another, share files and subscribe to their favorite topics. Forums are created by the site administrator, are organized into categories and can optionally be moderated by a committee chair or other administrator. Access to read/contribute to the forums requires users to log into In some cases, access is restricted to types of members, but this is set by the site administrator.

  • Don't add a thread to more than one forum - no cross-posting
  • To subscribe to forums, navigate to My NSGIC -> My Profile -> Contact Preferences. Under "Forum Subscriptions," toggle your choices. Note that you may need to expand the list to see all available forums.

Committee Work Areas

Committees provide a private working area to share messages and files only within the assigned committee members. To access the committee work area, committee members should log in and navigate from My NSGIC -> My Features -> My Committees -> click on the chosen committee. This is also where committee members will set their notification options for new files, new messages and new comments.


E-lists are similar to the old NSGIC listservs, but different in that they are to be used for "noticing" as we get away from sharing "content" strictly via email. E-lists are a great way to give short form notice with links to important content on the blog, forums or committee space. Only members of an e-list have permission to post to the e-list. If you are interested in being added to an e-list, contact the appropriate committee chair or the staff team at [email protected]


Circles are for informal and ad hoc networking between members. Any member can create their own circle after logging in and it is their responsibility to invite/approve others to join (closed) or open to any member to find and join (open). Circles are owned by their creator, but the site administrator can change this to another member if needed. Otherwise, circles are strictly what individuals make of them.


NSGIC members are invited to add geospatial meetings and events to the NSGIC calendar. Complete this form to have your calendar item included.

Where to Post?

Remember that you must be logged in to post in any community area.

Rules and Etiquette

  • Welcome the viewpoints of others - be respectful and inclusive
  • Don't post commercial messages or messages containing promotional material or product announcements
  • Use caution when discussing products
  • NSGIC staff may delete inappropriate posts and, if deemed necessary, terminate community accounts