Elevation-Derived Hydrography for the 3D National Hydrography Dataset (EDH for 3DNHD) Project Opportunities

By Lynda Wayne | March 8, 2021

Interested in improving your hydrography data using lidar and other elevation data? Then don’t miss any of the following EDH for 3DNHD project opportunities. Each is open to all and NSGIC State Representatives are asked to forward this information to their state NHD/WBD stewards and others with interests in EDH. Non-members will be required to register with the NSGIC website.

EDH for 3DNHD Monthly Forum

NSGIC hosts monthly forums on the third Wednesday of each month at 3:00pm ET. The forums are discussion sessions that feature state, regional, and national EDH activities and resources. The March 17, 2021 forum will feature the USGS EDH Specifications. Register for this and future forums via the ‘Upcoming Events’ calendar at the NSGIC.home page. The January forum featured an introduction to the EDH for 3DNHD project and the February forum featured EDH activities in Michigan. All forums are recorded and published, along with materials, at the NSGIC Learning Link.

EDH for 3DNHD Experience Inventory

A key objective of the EDH for 3DNHD project is to gain a better understanding of how EDH is being implemented at the local level, the motivations for performing EDH, and the EDH challenges and successes experienced. NSGIC has developed the EDH for 3DNHD Experience Inventory to capture specifics about EDH projects and practices. If you have engaged in an EDH project, your information is needed. If you are aware of others that have engaged in EDH, please forward the information. The information gathered from the Forum and the Inventory will be used to identify resources needed to support locally-derived EDH. All contributors should coordinate with their NSGIC State representative prior to completing the survey to ensure that the state representative is aware of the activity and to avoid duplicate responses.

EDH for 3DNHD Communities

Two EDH for 3DNHD communities have been established at My.NSGIC. The ‘EDH for 3DNHD Interest Group’ is for those with a general interest in EDH discussions and events. The ‘EDH for 3DNHD Working Group’ is for those that would like to participate directly in project activities such as the derivation of critical factors affecting EDH and the creation of supporting resources. EDH for 3DNHD working group members should join both communities as information will not be duplicated for each community. If you want to stay in touch with project activities, join one or both communities now.