Authoritative Data for Wayfinding Companies

It is clear that automatic wayfinding has changed the nation's traffic safety landscape. In some ways this change is positive, and in others it has the potential for disaster. Local and state governments are the authority for assigning addresses, naming roads, posting bridge clearances, assigning exit numbers, and creating work zones. However, many governments struggle to have their authoritative local data incorporated in a timely manner into many commercial map data services and products. As a result, address locations and road names can be inaccurate, and the traveling public may be unaware of hazards on our highways. When smartphone apps and vehicle navigation systems do not reflect what drivers experience on our roads, the results can be disastrous. Further, local first responders often use these commercial services in answering 9-1-1 calls. Together, we can improve the methods by which we bring our best data to the customers we have in common.

The Authoritative data for Wayfinding Companies initiative will serves as a forum for NSGIC leaders, state governments, partners, and the private sector to together define how authoritative GIS data can more effectively make its way into commercial GPS and wayfinding applications. We will search for ways NSGIC can help facilitate data sharing and updates, with the goal being that the best and most authoritative data are used as widely as possible. In the short term this initiative will improve safety. In the long term, it will play an important role in providing necessary data for autonomous vehicles.

Current scope for this initiative includes these data types:

  • Addresses Road names and alignments
  • Directionality (one way)
  • Passibility (appropriate for travel by vehicle type)
  • Bridge clearances
  • Exit numbers
  • Work zones

To learn more about NSGIC's wayfinding work, contact Director of Programs Jamie Chesser ([email protected]).