10 Lessons for GIOs

By Karen Rogers | April 24, 2019

I’ve been in the GIS profession for over 20 years, and while I don’t have the job title ‘Geographic Information Officer (GIO)’, in Wyoming I manage many of the roles and responsibilities associated with the position in other states. It’s not an easy, straight-forward job, but one thing I’ve learned is that community is integral to success. Few others understand the challenges that a GIO encounters on a daily basis. NSGIC helps me to meet those challenges by providing a mechanism to bring together state GIS leaders, fostering a community that supports our work individually as we partner to bring a collaborative approach to GIS for the nation.

As an extension of the resources we provide to leaders in GIS, NSGIC launched our first ever GIO Academy at our 2019 Midyear Meeting this past March. The purpose of the GIO Academy is to provide focused peer networking and educational opportunities to GIOs, their equivalents, and NSGIC state representatives.

We kicked off our first GIO Academy event with peer-led presentations and discussions around topics such as advocacy, communications, building your brand, and public speaking.

Ken Nelson (KS) and Shelby Johnson (AR) at the GIO Academy in Louisville, KY

In conjunction with our first in-person GIO Academy, NSGIC has produced a document outlining 10 key lessons for GIOs. The document includes direct advice like “Step away from the tech,” as well as broader guidance like “Open doors for others,” prompting GIOs, new and seasoned alike, to evaluate how they approach team management, interdepartmental coordination, legislative matters, and more. No matter how long you’ve been in the field, I think you’ll find helpful nuggets of advice in this document that will continue to evolve.  



Download the PDF

Special thank you to our Member Resources Working Group for their work on this document.