Resources: Addresses & Transportation

NENA Presentation on National Emergency Address Database (PDF of slides used in joint meeting of Address and NG9-1-1 Committees; 11/2015)

Address Points for the Nation: Contrasting the functions of Address Points and Parcel Maps (PDF; 10/2015)

New York's Street Address and Mapping (SAM) Project by Cheryl Benjamin (PDF; 06/2015)

National Address Database Summit (Video; 04/2015)

Utah's Address Point Data Maintenance Application (Video; 01/2015)

OpenAddresses (Video; 11/2014)

Address Business Needs (PDF; 10/2014)

Colorado State Address Dataset (Video; 07/2014)

Report of Stakeholder Engagement on Four Geospatial Issues with National Importance (PDF; 04/2014)

Address Advocacy Presentation by Mike Vanhook (PDF; 2013)

Transportation for the Nation: Building a National Road Centerline File (PDF; 02/2013)

COGO Letter Sent to FTC arguing for open access to parcel and address data (PDF; 06/2012)

Transportation for the Nation Strategic Plan (PDF: 05/2011)